How Does Our Marketing Strategy Help Construction Companies?

Our digital marketing services helps our clients in construction business to gain a competitive advantage in the digital ecosystem.

Connect With Your Target Audience

Leveraging our data analytics expertise, we help our construction firms to identify their target audience

We curate the right messaging and help select the right digital channels where the target audience know how to find them.

Optimize Website

We ensure that our client’s website has a good site performance, easy to navigate and accurate information such as contact information, products and service offered.

We understand that an optimize website drives digital marketing success.

We apply our Tech SEO Strategy on a consistent basis to ensure that there are no technical SEO issues and site continues to perform well.

Success of an optimized website is measured based on the following:

Responsive Design


Usability and Readability

Pay-per-Click Advertising

For construction firms, we fully leverage Google Ads platform to run Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns

We perform geotargeting on google Ad campaigns so that the ads are reachable to the target customers within a given geographic location.

Additionally, we leverage demographics and interests to perform more granular targeting.

Another key strategy for targeting is through keyword research and analytics

We also perform competitive research on competitors PPC campaign and identify if there are any keyword gaps that we should close.

We develop a cohesive campaign structure, aligning ad groups and their keywords based on services or sometimes even on focused keyword taxonomy.

Through AI tools, we can determine the right messaging, Title, and headlines for the Ad creatives

We develop special landing pages specific to google ad groups to track the engagement rate.

We perform on-going Ad analytics, continuously monitor Ad groups, update the keywords, removing low score keywords, maintaining negative keywords list.

Search Engine Optimization

Our comprehensive SEO for our construction company clients helps increase their organic ranking in search results, drive website traffic, and result in conversion.

We conduct continuous Keyword Research

We perform in-depth keyword research based on target audience, locations and services

Analyze the respective landing pages on the website for content optimization

Update the website content where required to ensure the relevant keywords are used in the respective landing pages.

Our Digital marketing plan for financial services involves periodic content updates with fresh up to date data.

Publish Blog Articles

Publishing blog on an on-going basis is essential for construction companies to increase their organic rankings.

We develop monthly blog calendar and create blogs that share useful information relevant to the construction industry.

Video Content

The sky’s the limit in how you can use video to show what you do in construction.

Video content is a powerful medium to showcase the services of construction business. Through videography, we can highlight how they work and the infrastructure they use to complete a certain task.

Also using videos, we can show our construction client’s team work together complete a certain project in a timely fashion.


We use photos to show before and after shots of a project.

In addition to video, we use photos to share a step-by-step story of how to complete a task.

Photos highlight what the construction company can do and why they are a better choice.

Title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags

Title tags – Title tags are HTML that is used to identify the title of your page. These titles are displayed on SERP pages as the clickable headline for that page. We ensure that these are too long and has the focused keyword included in it.

Meta descriptions – This is another HTML element. These descriptions are what appear as the description of an article or page in an internet search result. We include the focused keyword in this description to entice readers to click on your content. Good meta descriptions help increase click rates. We follow the Google requirements on meta descriptions. Google likes meta descriptions that are between 180-230 characters.

Alt tags – Alt tags are descriptions of visual elements that help those who are vision impaired. Your focused and helper keywords must be included in the description to help the search. We also provide an accurate visual description.

Manage Google My Business

We help our construction firms keep their Google My Business fresh with pictures to drive more traffic to their business.

We keep the information on the Google My Business consistent with the website.

Additionally, we continue to update the services they offer in Google My Business page and keep the content consistent with their website.

Focus on including Local keywords in website

We incorporate location specific content with the local keywords to increase your local presence on google search.

We take advantage of mapping services to improve the chances of our client’s firm showing up in a search.

Citation Builder

A citation is an online mention of a business that features the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) of the business.

Local SEO Citations can help improve ranking in local search engines such as Google Local / Maps.

It helps build confidence with firm’s location and service they offer thereby boosting their local ranking.

We help our construction firm clients to identify high value directories or listings that can help boost the local search on Google.

We submit their business data to create new listings on their websites

Remove any harmful duplicate listing from their website

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is intrinsic part of every digital marketing roadmap.
With social media platforms, we help our construction companies to promote their brand and gain new customers.
Most popular platforms we use are Facebook, Instagram and TikTok
Set-up social media advertising campaign to increase the reach of the potential customers for the construction firms
Examples of social media content we focus are as follows
Photos of before and after
Awards & Accolades
About the owner and their team
Tricks of the Trade
Did You Know?

Our Specialization in Construction Business

We specialize in working with Construction Firms that provide:
General Contractors
Renovation Contractors
Commercial Contractors
Restoration Companies
Roofing & Siding