Our Instagram Marketing Strategy

Our Instagram marketing strategy focusses on growing your band awareness and launch products and services in a personalized manner. By leveraging the full capabilities offered by Instagram, it is an effective channel to increase your audience interaction with your business and increase conversions.

First, we work with you to understand your target audience based on your business goals and your branding.

We conduct competitive research to gain insights on how your competition is engaging with similar target personas

We develop a comprehensive content calendar as Instagram is a powerful platform to publish more engaging creatives that will inspire your target audience to follow you

We perform analytics helps us understand the engagement rate and identify opportunity to increase the engagement through innovate video content

Set-up Instagram Ad campaigns to increase your outreach

Types of Instagram Content we support

We focus on the following types of content to increase engagement

Video content is the top rated content to increase engagement about your products and services, your branding,

Product promotions

New offerings

Company milestones

customer testimonials

Educational Posts

Motivational Posts

Educational Posts

Industry Trends

Data posts

Tips , Tutorials and how-tos

Current Events happening in your industry /neighborhood

Holidays and Occasions

Benefits of Instagram Marketing For Your Business

Increase Your Audience through wider reach

Build Customer Relationship

Drive Website Traffic

Boost your sales with Instagram advertising