Our YouTube Marketing Strategy

Our YouTube marketing strategy focusses on promoting your business, services and products on YouTube platform through creative videos that increase your audience engagement.

Depending on your target audience, YouTube marketing can be instrumental in your promotional strategy and increase traffic to your website.

Identify your target audience and their preferences

Conduct competitor analysis to gain new insights

Follow similar channels to analyse their content and engagement

Develop engaging video content and writing catchy video title and description. We keep SEO in mind when developing these videos.

Publish the video content on a schedule that will be most effective . Typical time-frame for posting videos on YouTube:

• Monday: 2pm-4pm
• Tuesday: 2pm-4pm
• Wednesday: 2pm-4pm
• Thursday: 12pm-3pm
• Friday: 12pm-3pm
• Saturday: 9am-11am
• Sunday: 9am-11am

Perform YouTube analytics to measure channel performance

Embed your YouTube videos on your website

Run a paid YouTube ad campaign.

We offer different types of YouTube Content to promote your business

Trailer Videos that focus on introduction of your business, your value proposition and call to action

Stats Videos that focus on your market research, trend analysis or any statistics you want to share to increase your followers

Testimonials of your customers, your vendors will be very valuable. A good testimonial will include an intro, the before scenario which is the problem they had , and how your business helped solve the problem which is the after scenario

Q&A Videos – if you have Q&As, we can convert those into videos and upload to your YouTube channel

How To Videos – this is one of best ways to increase followers. Educational and informative videos that are engaging and solution focused will be very valuable to your followers.

Benefits of YouTube Marketing For Your Business

Increase website Traffic. YouTube is growing exponentially, with more than 5 billion videos consumed every single day! ...

Higher Visibility on Google helps increase your organic ranking on Google

Build Your Email List on YouTube.

Higher Conversion Rates.

Multiple Video Types.

Massive Media Library.