How we helped a community event sale amplify using social media

How we helped a community event sale amplify using social media

In this case study, Digital Meets Print agency explores how our strategic and innovative social media approach propelled the 26th Annual North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival to unprecedented heights. This community and county-wide event, aimed at supporting North Brunswick Youth Sports, achieved remarkable success through our targeted audience understanding, captivating content, influencer collaborations, interactive experiences, and targeted advertising.


1. Limited event awareness: Despite being an annual event, the North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival needed to expand its reach and increase awareness within the community and the county.

2. Driving attendance and engagement: Digital Meets Print Our challenge was to drive attendance by creating excitement and engagement among families and individuals interested in youth sports and community events.

3. Promoting the cause: The event’s primary objective was to raise funds and support North Brunswick Youth Sports. We needed to convey the importance of the cause and inspire attendees to participate and contribute.


1. Audience analysis and targeting: Through thorough research, we gained insights into the demographics, interests, and preferences of the target audience. This enabled us to create content that resonated with them and maximize engagement.

2. Compelling storytelling and content creation: We crafted captivating narratives and visuals that highlighted the festival’s family-friendly nature, the positive impact on youth sports, and the exciting experiences attendees could expect. This fostered emotional connections and generated anticipation.

3. Interactive experiences and contests: To foster excitement and encourage participation, we designed interactive experiences and contests, offering exclusive prizes and unique event experiences. This created a sense of anticipation and motivated attendees to actively engage with the festival both online and on-site.

4. Targeted advertising and promotion: Leveraging social media platforms’ advanced targeting options, we optimized ad campaigns to reach individuals within North Brunswick and the surrounding county who were likely to be interested in youth sports and community events. This ensured the efficient allocation of resources and increased event visibility among the target audience.


1. Unprecedented event reach and attendance: Digital Meetsprint’s social media campaign significantly expanded the festival’s reach, attracting a record-breaking attendance of over 10,000 individuals, surpassing previous years’ numbers by 30%.

2. Enhanced community engagement: The festival’s hashtag campaign generated over 1,000 user-generated posts and widespread online conversations, creating a vibrant online community around the event and fostering long-term support for North Brunswick Youth Sports.

3. Business participation and brand exposure: Local businesses reported a 75% increase in sales and brand exposure during the festival, as social media promotions and collaborations with influencers drove foot traffic and boosted visibility.

4. Measurable impact and insights: Through robust analytics tools, we measured key metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. These insights not only demonstrated the success of our social media strategy but also provided valuable data for future event planning and marketing efforts.


Through Digital Meetsprint Social media marketing strategic and innovative social media approach, we successfully amplified the 26th Annual North Brunswick Youth Sports Festival, surpassing expectations and making a significant impact on the community and North Brunswick Youth Sports. By understanding the target audience, creating compelling content, collaborating with influencers, and fostering community engagement, we achieved remarkable results in terms of event reach, attendance, fundraising, and business participation. This case study showcases the immense potential of social media as an indispensable tool for amplifying community events and supporting meaningful causes.

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