How video marketing can benefit your business

How video marketing can benefit your business

  • What is Video Marketing?
  • 5 Benefits of Video Advertising

As a business owner, you are trying to get any benefit that you can to help your business thrive. You want every advantage available, every intel collected and put on your desk, and every bit of information you can find because that small piece of knowledge can be the difference between you thriving or closing.

It would be really great if a certain type of activity could help your business. One that you don’t have to debate over, one that you are sure will create more orders and increase output.

Luckily for you, there is already a type of marketing that is shown to help your business: Video marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

Let’s take a step back and before we go into how video marketing can help you, let’s ask what video marketing is? It’s the marketing of videos, right? Well, yeah, but it is the marketing of videos to people already watching videos. Nobody goes online to watch a marketing video, just like nobody watches television for the commercials. Still, they both (the marketing video and the commercial) become known because of the popularity of the viewing experience.

Video marketing is how you tell people about your product in the online world.

The key thing you need to know about video marketing is that it is online and for people already consuming video.

5 Benefits Of Video Advertising

There are perks to video advertising and reasons why you should get on board if you are a business owner.

(Heck, you’re already reading this article, which is already a plus for you)

  1. Your clients are watching more videos – As people watch more videos, it only makes sense that your advertising should be where they are. You can’t sell to people who aren’t even there. You can’t win a fight without an opponent in the ring, you can’t get a laugh from an empty room, and you can’t get sales if you advertise to no one. In 2021, people averaged 100 minutes a day watching online videos. That’s more than an hour and a half of watching videos. That certainly qualifies as a place for potential buyers.
  2. Video ads convert sales – Apparently, getting a few ads in front of a person who is watching 100 minutes a day of online videos affects what they are going to buy. You may have done this yourself. You see the same ad for a product multiple times because you are like everyone else reaching your 100-minute quota like it is a step count or something, and then you decide to click on the link the ad provides and see what the product is about. All of a sudden, you are buying a wine product or a soap product you otherwise didn’t know existed, and you forgot about that online video you were watching. All thanks to that video ad you watched online.
  3. Videos are shareable friendly – People share videos online more than text. The sharing has a trickle-down effect. When someone shares your video, it creates a backlink, and the more backlinks you get, the higher you rank in Google. Ranking high in Google is definitely a goal for any business. Just how many videos are shared daily on social media? 720,000 hours of videos. That is roughly 82 years’ worth of videos. Imagine how many backlinks that can produce for you.
  4. Search engines love video – The love affair of our time is not of a celebrity couple that is better looking than all of us but of search engines and video. The two can’t keep their hands off each other. Search engines want video. Video wants search engines. Like seriously, get a room, you two! In case my point isn’t clear, here’s a stat for you: Search engines have an increase of over 150% when using video. Like I said, the two love each other. That affair can only benefit you, but first, you got to know it is there.
  5. Videos provide a lot in a little – Videos are like Thor’s Hammer, in that they get a lot out of a little. That video you watched just before reading this was only a few minutes long, but it changed your day and Thor’s Hammer was not the largest hammer around, but no one could lift it but the Norse God. They are both proof that in order to be effective, you don’t need much. And what helped you understand my reference? An online video.

It’s almost as if people are watching online videos more than ever. So perhaps it is about time you do yourself a favor and get in on the latest trend in business: video marketing. Who knows, maybe your product may be the one that everyone clicks on as they want online videos? People have to buy something as they watch videos online; it might as well be your product.